Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We’ve Just Gotten Too Fat

A very busy week! Yesterday a meeting in the old family dining room with Cabinet and Congressional members to tell them about our all out attack on childhood obesity. Actually, we had to explain to some of them that the recession is not part of this campaign. And it seems there are still a few of them who think we should cut the fat out of the budget before we start picking on the kids’ lunch boxes.

Please note that at both of these appearances, we wore gently used clothes from a previous life. The only new item was our wig, but that wasn’t really optional, if you’ve been paying attention.


Tuesday with the health czar and an ancient senator who won’t be effected by the health care bill he’s “hawking”  (just a little Iowa humor, Senator Harkin).

motweed oldSame tweed suit on the campaign trail way back in ‘08, when we were still all about change. 

Then today, something much more fun: a love fest on the Today show with Matt Lauer! For this love-fest we chose a dress that we’ve  worn a couple of times before too. It really shows off our best assets:

imageLady M on Today Show, where she tells Matt  “ I’ve got this husband who does these interesting things,” Do tell.

motweed7The amoeba and tweed dress at a previous appearance. 

motweed6 You can probably see why we did the Today show interview sitting down.

We added our new signature pearls for Matt too, because Mo is starting to figure out that all those spidery brooches she likes so much just scare the American people – kind of like Big Guy’s legislative policies. The handlers are now trying to make her look more – well - normal. We’ll see how that works out. No word yet from BO’s handlers, but it looks like he’s doubling down. He told the people in New Hampshire yesterday that his Obamacare bill was a “big, complicated bill,” that he knows “scares the daylights out of people.” Don’t you just love it when he gets down with his homies?

Actually, there are two reasons for all of MO’s recycling: First, maybe you didn’t know, but there’s a recession going on. That’s right, we all have to tighten our belts (so to speak). Apparently that memo finally worked it’s way through the bureaucracy around here.

Secondly, for all the mean bloggers out there who keep saying how much weight Lady M has gained since getting her own personal Big White pastry chef, we wanted to show everyone that we can still wear the same outfits we did over a year ago! It just took us a little while for our full time seamstress to get enough matching fabric to complete the alterations.

So there you have it: Altering America one seam at a time.

UPDATE: The other Michelle has a must read on Lady M’s FatWar.