Sunday, January 6, 2019

We’re Going To Build A Fence And The Antelope Are Going To Pay For It

Well kids, you’re on your own today. We’re heading out into the mountains. We’ve got clear forecasts for the 3 day trip but things can change on a dime and traveling across the Continental Divide through Wyoming is always iffy this time of year. Even if it isn’t snowing the wind can whip the fallen snow into whiteout conditions. Mountain passes in the winter aren’t for wimps.


Interesting side note: See those structures on the left? They’re snow fences, somewhat ubiquitous on highways in the northern climes now days but apparently they were originally researched, designed and tested in Wyoming. Their purpose is to stop the migrating snow from simply charging forward and dumping on the highway, making it’s removal very difficult and expensive. Apparently they work quite effectively. And even though they are clearly designed to keep the white stuff out nobody ever accuses them of being racist. Of course there has been some grousing about the impact they have on the migrating Pronghorn Antelope population. As if their lives aren’t tough enough as it is.


Did I mention the fences were 15 feet tall?

snow fences

And they work? Go figure.

Hope you all have a good day, with no snow and no earthquakes.

eyeore snow earthquake

I’ll see you from somewhere along the road.