Saturday, January 5, 2019

What a Hoser, eh?

No, I’m not going to post the cute video of Sandy O.C. and her college friends dancing to Listomania. It is cute, and it was made 10 years ago when “lip-dubbing” videos were all the rage. But let it serve as a warning to the children of the social media age who plan on ruling the world some day: the innertubes are forever.

So today I’m going to help Jettie G shoulder the responsibility of making fun of Canada’s socialist-open-borders Prime Minister. The article comes compliments of Ed Driscoll who titles all of his coverage of our neighbors to the north as DISPATCHES FROM PRIME MINISTER ZOOLANDER: Trudeau demands organic garden, apiary, treehouse (with zip line) and more for Harrington Lake residence.

And you didn’t think anyone could give the Obamas a run for their money! Wrong. But it’s a bit disheartening that Justie Fek™ isn’t a bit more original. I mean it’s one thing to emulate your idol and love object,


it’s quite another to just copy cat them straight away.

  • Organic garden, check:

u_s_first_lady_michelle_obama_holds_a_bean_harvested_from_vegetables_grown_in_her_garden_at_the_white_house_in_washington_june_16_2009peacock (2)

  • Apiary, check – and don’t get excited, it’s an a-p-i-a-r-y people – bees you know, not that other thing that will end you up in Janice’s corner.

bee house whiteLady M’s Bee house for her Organic Garden of Good and Evil

I wonder if JF knows he can make beer with his honey?


I’m guessing he does.


  • Tree House, check, sort of. The Obamas have a house IN the trees:


Which now has a wall around it:


Even though walls are immoral.

Now a zipline, that’s original. As far as I know the Obama’s do not have a zipline, although it has been said that Michelle has her own zip code.

michelle obama gym butt

Butt I think that’s just an urban legend.

Anyway, Justie, what a hoser, eh?

Still, if you want to see a really cute video of one of our socialist betters dancing even our cute little Sandy will find this to be compelling competition.