Friday, January 4, 2019

Brainwashed Again Motherf*****s?

Remember when the WaPo published Willard’s op-ed criticizing President Trump? Yeah, like 2 days ago. Several pundits pointed out that this was a sure-fire way for him to become the media’s latest RINO darling, showing up favorably in print and appearing frequently on all their propaganda shows. And BAM! Just like that, there he is, squawking, on CNN yesterday. Quelle surprise! Non?

Only problem, he was backpedaling. But that’s just Mitt, being Mitt. Or Romney, being Romney. Just like his Daddy, George, who claimed he’d been brainwashed by military generals about Vietnam, Willard was brainwashed by the generalissimos of the Deep State.

4.	Mitt Romney in 1994 with his former, former Michigan Gov. George Romney.
Photos courtesy of Mitt Romney campaign
Mitt and George Romney. They look like they’d be perfect on the set of Mad Men

He may have embraced the advice of Deep State tacticians a bit too soon:

It shows that his potshot against Trump bombed, particularly with Republicans, who were all out there and ready to be his friend but can now see that he's got other priorities, such as filling the towering boots of...Jeff Flake.

And then there’s Michigan’s other legacy candidate: Palestinian-America Rashida Tlaib, D-Representative of Michigan’s 13th District which includes most of the city of Detroit. She was sworn in yesterday on Thomas Jefferson’s Qu'ran, which is ironic as President Jefferson recognized the marauding “Musselmans” as a threat to civilization over 200 years ago. He got the Qu'ran to study his enemy in order to defeat the Muslim pirates from the Barbary States who were attacking American trade ships, stealing the cargo, and enslaving our sailors.

True to form Tlaib started her term sounding like a blood-thirsty Muslim pirate demanding death to the infidel’s presidency. To be clear, she did so in remarkably unladylike fashion: “We’re going to go in there and impeach the Motherf****r.” Yes, we now have an elected (Democratic, Muslim) official calling our President a “Motherf****r.” 

And we’re supposed to think Donald Trump is too crude to be president because he said “pussy?” Nah, I don’t think so. As I recall it was the Obama/Biden campaign that originally encouraged their female constituents to vote with their “lady parts.”


So as far as I’m concerned all bets are off “Motherf****rs”  - wait! What?  Did I just say that out loud!?!!

Please accept my apology, somebody seems to be coarsening the culture in a America. H/T Kirstin Gillibrand, Beto O'Rourke, Kamala Harris, DNC Chair Tom Perezeven Michelle!

And the last time I looked, Donald J. Trump does not own Hollywood. So I’d suggest the Left save their phony sanctimony for their own.

P.S. December Jobs Report: an additional 312,000. Economists expected 175,000. I mention it only because you won’t see it on CNN.