Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year! Don’t Let Those Notions of Virtuous Behavior Intrude

Happy New Year to all of my most favorite deplorables!

reagan and the deplorables

No, I didn’t make it till midnight, but then I barely remember the last New Year’s Eve I did. In addition to being tired around 10:30 or so I also had zero interest in watching any of the network buffoons assembled on various rooftops and concrete canyons of New York City waiting on the drop of a crystal ball.

Nevertheless, 2018 was a pretty awesome year. Expect more of the same from 2019. Here is my primary prediction for the coming year:

Dozens of dolts will announce they’re running as the Democratic candidate for president of the United States. If you thought the 2016 Republican field was deep, wait till you see that of the 2020 Democrats  – it’s more like the Grand Canyon.


Not so much because it will be awesome but because it’s a really big hole, populated with a lot of goats.

I’m not making any more predictions because I just realized they’d be mostly pessimistic which somehow doesn’t seem appropriate for a New Year post. I’m still optimistic about some things but at my age it takes infinitely more effort to convince myself that logic and circumstance warrant such irrational exuberance. So I tend to conserve my optimism these days for really important stuff, like saving the world.


It being a new year and all does give me pause to reflect on how much I do miss that bottomless, unbridled optimism of youth that convinces you, against all odds, that somehow everything will work out for the best. Only after years of experience does it dawn on you that not only is that not always true, but that sometimes what’s “for the best” isn’t necessarily what you want, or even what you think is for “your” best. Now if I could just get the Left to understand and accept that, my work would be done here.


Happy New Year!