Monday, December 31, 2018

Your Betters Always Know Better Than You Do

Year end news: the Democrats finally found an old white guy billionaire they can love. That’s right, Michael Bloomberg, the man who first ran and won New York’s mayoral race as a “Republican” and later as an Independent has decided he might want to run for President - as a Democrat! Why not run the table?

bloomberg Michael Bloomberg: demonstrating the need for his ‘Sugary Drinks Portion Cap Rule’

He’s still mad about the New York Court of Appeals throwing his statute out so he’s going to run for Head Nanny in order to right that egregious wrong. Of course he’ll have to get in line and spend a lot of money for that honor, there are a lot of nannies ahead of him.

But regardless of who wins the Democratic nomination, remember this: the size of your soda will always be more important to them than closing our borders in order to control drug running, human trafficking, disease, terrorism and millions of new welfare recipients.

Because, as this dismissive, even derisive tweet from Britain (h/t Francinepink) clearly explains, the left doesn’t believe you are capable of thinking for yourself.

working class

So as you go about your New Year’s Eve celebration please remember to celebrate responsibly: no more than one.

giant drink

And if it’s a carbonated beverage nothing over 16 ounces.


At a time.