Thursday, February 7, 2019

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Enjoy Global Warming

In the midst of the polar vortexes swirling down from Canada it seems the real threat is still global warming. So don’t get comfortable driving your own (fossil fuel) car, heating your home (with fossil fuel) and consuming unconscionable amounts of tomahawk steaks and hamburgers. The threat still looms large.

NASA and NOAA released their analysis of the global climate in 2018 on Wednesday, revealing that 2018 was the fourth-hottest year on record. The other four in the top five all happened in the past five years, a reminder that we’ve seen a lot of rapid warming lately. And the planet will warm further, especially since greenhouse gas emissions are continuing to rise. [ed. subtext: we’re all going to die!!!] 

Some of that heat came in the form of heat waves that took hundreds of lives. The heat also helped fuel record-breaking disasters, like the Camp Fire in California, that wiped out cities and left thousands homeless. [ed. subtext: did I mention we’re all going to die!!!] – from Vox, the official Millennial news outlet

And it must be true, because …the UN said so! And Yahoo News reported it! As did NPR! And everyone else around this ever warming planet.

The UN's World Meterological Organization said in November that 2018 was set to be the fourth warmest year in recorded history, stressing the urgent need for action to rein in runaway planetary warming. 

So, we’re up to “planetary warming” now. That sounds much more dire than global warming. No wonder Alexandria has given us only 12 years to “just fix it.”

Of course other (real) scientists disagree with the data and conclusions, but that’s irrelevant because, well, shut up.

In other weather news, Park City is at the tail end of a 3 “weather emergency” meaning lots of snow and arctic cold. I haven’t measured snow fall totals at our house but the local ski resorts (one of which is across the street from us) are reporting 3 day total snowfalls of 44 inches. Other areas, like Alta, got 60 inches. That’s a lot of snow I don’t care where you are.

And that’s good news because after 3 years of blaming global warming for a lower than normal winter snowpack we’re on track to refill the severely depleted reservoirs. The good citizens of Park City Utah can relax; it’s not the end of snow (as the global alarmists around here have been predicting for years) after all.

So what do people do here when it snows, besides ski (downhill and cross country), board, and snow-shoe through the mountains? Well here’s what the kids on my street did a couple days ago, in the late afternoon when dad got home from work. Watch for it:

Here he comes!

Looks like he might be transporting contraband.


Dad actually spent over an hour taking turns hauling 6 kids around the block, one at a time on their snow saucers. Yes, it seems it could be a little dangerous, and maybe stupid. But remember, these kids already hurl themselves down mountains at breakneck speeds on a regular basis. And on the adult’s behalf I will say 1. there isn’t much traffic in our sub. 2. The streets, although plowed earlier were so rutted from fresh accumulations that nobody could drive faster than 10 mph. 3. He wasn’t going any faster than that. 4. He had a spotter sitting in the open hatch watching everything. And 5. The kids were having a blast.

Try that in a Tesla.

See? Life is still good when you unplug - turn off the TV, the iPhone, tablet and computer and just go outside to play in the snow – behind a big honking gas guzzler. What better way to enjoy global warming?

P.S. We got at least another foot of snow after these shots were taken. It’s a magical world when everything is blanketed in freshly fallen snow.