Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Saving Our Bacon

You might think that VSG-PDJT is directing the migrant hordes in Mexico for his own purposes. Why else would there be thousands of migrants currently planning to swarm the Texas border where there is no fence, no wall, no official entry point for processing?

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Mexican authorities in two border states announced the arrival of nearly 2,000 Central American migrants who are part of a caravan headed for the border cities Piedras Negras and Nuevo Laredo. The area between those two municipalities does not feature any type of fencing or barriers like the ones a previous caravan encountered in California.

State officials in Coahuila announced the arrival of more than 1,700 members of a migrant caravan that recently left Honduras. They are slated to be ferried by bus to the Texas border. The Nuevo Leon government is preparing shelters and security.

The migrants are traveling with the intent to request asylum on U.S. soil, thus making any detention by border authorities irrelevant. The group is expected in Eagle Pass and Laredo, Texas, however, since the region lacks any fencing or physical barriers, some could successfully storm the border with little effort. – Breitbart

Why, yes - it does appear to be an orchestrated move. Just not by President Trump but rather by the One World Order SJW crowd, who seem to have more money to advance their cause than the entire U.S. government. Just remember when there is a clash on the border that this is what PDJT has been trying to get the lunkheads in Congress to avoid for the past 2 years.

Image result for mexican troops on borderPentagon deploys an additional 3700 troops to the Mexican border

He keeps telling them and they keep not hearing.

So this is a big day: the President’s State of the Union this evening, as well as the kick-off of the Chinese New Year – 2019 marking the Year of the Pig.

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Leave it to the Chinese to not only get away with cultural appropriation but to celebrate it. It’s fine with me though, a whole year of bacon – what could go wrong?

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That’s right, nothing.

So get yourself some popcorn, flavored with bacon grease, and prepare to watch President Trump try once again to save our bacon even as the Democrats squeal that they’d prefer the slaughter house. 

https://www.whitehouseblackshutters.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/img_3727.jpgHot buttered and baconed popcorn