Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Shut Up and Let Them Sling

Alinsky Rule #13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

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In 2016 Rule #13 was pretty much the Democrats’ only tactic against Donald Trump: to draw him as everything despicable they could think of: stupid, racist, misogynist, fascist, anti-Semetic…and paint his “deplorable” supporters as equally reprehensible reprobates.

Unfortunately for liberals that tactic will not work as well in 2020 as Democrats have done everything under the sun to validate the conservative trope that “whatever charge they level against their opponents is precisely what they have been up to themselves.” In fact their antics make PDJT look like the only reasonable man in the room by comparison. Let’s review:

  • Just over the past week we see that Democrats have elected certifiable anti-Semites to national office. I guess that’s what happens after opening our borders to members of a political religion that is known to be more anti-Semitic than Hitler.
  • Democrat “pro-lifers” have clearly demonstrated their complete disregard for the life of a baby in the womb if the mother decides she doesn’t want it, even if it is so “viable” that it has been born. The “all abortions all the time” stance that many Democrats have actively embraced will insert the word “infanticide” into the debate. Not a good look.
  • The state of Virginia is in gridlock because the top 3 elected officials are all on or subject to some version of R&R (Racist and Rapist) leave.

Or, as Victor Davis Hanson writes this week, the Democrats have made the President’s campaign much easier :

Trump in 2020 might have controversially slurred his future Democratic rival as a socialist, radical late-term abortion advocate, open borders chauvinist, a Medicare destroyer who wished to make it free for everyone, or wacko environmentalist intent on banning gas and diesel engines.

Now he won’t have to smear anyone: the Democrats have largely done that to themselves. Policy-wise the 2020 choice will be between Trump’s mostly doctrinaire conservatism, spiced with populist trade and immigration agendas, and what is a now a new Democrat orthodoxy of Bernie Sanders’ adolescent socialism and incoherent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Neverland something or other. 

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In the rest of the article VDH points out, rather meanly I must say, how inadequate the Dems’ leading candidates look.

Starting with Ka-Mal-ah:

Harris recently went on an anti-Catholic rant while berating a nominee to the federal bench, and already has signed on to the Green New Deal without a clue what such a program would entail.


(Booker) incoherently cross-examining a judicial nominee and inferring she was biased or worse in not previously hiring gay clerks—while having no idea she had never been a judge in a position to hire any legal clerks at all.


For all practical purposes, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has revealed that she was a knave, not just a dunce.

He swipes Beto away by describing his antics as a “quarter-life” crisis, and summarizes the Virginia  Democratic ClusterFluke thusly:

The larger point, however, was simple: a party that non-stop smears Trump as a sexual assaulter and racist seems incapable of dealing with alleged racists and sexual assaulters among its top state officials. Or put more cynically, is there one single liberal Democrat state official in soon to be liberal Virginia who had either not worn youthful blackface or been accused of sexual assault, or could at least tell us what were the post-Kavanaugh rules of due process?

In light of the current state of the Liberals’ party of record I offer this bit of advice for our President:  Shutup and let them sling. With their lockstep adherence to the party line they should take themselves out.

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