Monday, February 11, 2019

Which Doesn’t Belong And Why? 2020 Horse Race Edition

Did you catch the latest “ladies throwing their hat into the Presidential ring” antics last weekend? Amy Klobuchar, railing against global warming in the midst of a winter storm:

Image result for amy klobuchar announcement

And Elizabeth Warren,

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another angry Indian on the warpath against President Trump.

But then there was the weirding of Michelle Obama at last night’s Grammys. After 8 years of bare arms and inappropriate décolletage all winter long she shows up at a glamour-rama show wearing…pajamas modestly covering every inch of her not insubstantial frame.

Q. (L-R) Jada Pinkett Smith, Michelle Obama, Alicia Keys,  and Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga. Which doesn’t belong and why?

A. Trick question, they all belong; they’re all performers: different arenas, same audience.

It is my experience that when people “unexpectedly” pop up to participate in events at venues where they would not normally be in attendence, they’re running for something. And Lady M’s appearance sure was…unexpected:

Grammys 2019: Michelle Obama makes surprise appearance at Grammys – CBS News

Former first lady Michelle Obama made a surprise appearance at the 2019 Grammy Awards. She was greeted with deafening applause before delivering a unifying message about music – CNN

Women took centre stage at the 61st Grammy awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night, with Michelle Obama making a surprise appearance – The Guardian

#MichelleObama made a surprise #Grammys appearance with the girl gang of your dreams – InStyle

And normally when such an “unexpected” appearance occurs, the “unexpected” guest is there to take the pulse of a very important demographic – in this case donors. I’m guessing Michelle got a pretty good read.

Alicia Keys brings out Michelle Obama during her #GRAMMYs opening and the crowd couldn't even get enough. – Newsweek

And my favorite, a tweet from somebody named Phillip Lewis (front page editor @huffpost):

Michelle Obama: -breathes- 

Frankly, in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Sweepstakes, breathing-while-female-and-black may just be an adequate attribute to win the prize among all the flawed candidates crawling out of the cracks.

So I’m going to go on record right here, right now, saying that I think Michelle muh-Belle will be the dark horse candidate sent in to run in the final lap in the Democrat Derby.

Prove me wrong. Please.