Friday, April 26, 2019

It’s Tulip Time, With Snow

I leave you all to your own devices today – don’t make me regret it.

We are leaving at the crack of dawn to head back to Michigan.

And wouldn’t you know it? The weather gods, who seem to be heavily invested in “winter” in all of its inglorious incarnations this year, are still stuck in the loop. Headline from today’s Detroit Free Press:

Snow expected in metro Detroit this weekend. We give up.

Me too. As of right now the forecast is for rain today which will follow us east across the fruited plains for the entire duration of our trip until such time as we approach our home bunker in Greater Detroit. Then it will turn to snow. You would think that all the snow we’ve had this winter would warrant if not full-out sunshine at least a few croci and daffodils at the tail end of a 3 day cross country journey. But no - Groundhog day.

I was really looking forward to tulips, but snow will be nice too.

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Well, enjoy FLOTUS Friday, I’ll see you somewhere along the rainy road.

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