Thursday, May 16, 2019

Greeny, Hairy and Creepy

Can this possibly be true – Mayor de Blasio is throwing in with the gang that can’t shoot straight?  With all the fools and knaves running for Democratic presidential nominee the odds of winning are nearly as good as winning the lottery. Even at that Mayor de Blasio is a long, long shot. Or as the New York Post said:

“If you’re not laughing, then you don’t know Bill de Blasio like we know Bill de Blasio.”

They proceed to explain the joke:

He is both incompetent and crooked; oblivious and arrogant. He won his current job in a fluke election back in 2013, yet ever since has seemed certain that he’s destined to be a major national figure — despite falling on his face time after time.

The rest of the article details all the ways in which he is crooked, oblivious and arrogant. That he thinks we think he should run the country with these credentials pretty much proves the author’s point.

At least his presidential announcement explains this stupid Green New Deal stunt at Trump Tower – where he was trolled by Trump supporters on the famous escalators that PDJT road down when he announced his presidential bid.

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Way to go Mayor de Blasio, but get in line behind Beto Boy who re-booted his campaign yesterday by getting his ear-hair trimmed at the barber shop.

As could be expected, the video clip posted via his Facebook campaign page was mercilessly mocked on social media, with people branding him 'egotistical' and questioning his campaign adviser's style of public relations

No wonder Creepy Joe is the leader in this crowded field.

The Democrats: with a tent so big anyone can wander in.