Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The “Wall Street Push Poll”

The “poll results” that you see are never, I repeat, never intended to reflect the voting plans, thinking, preferences, or views of any segment of the population.  “Polls” are intended to “push” you into voting, thinking, preferring or holding the view endorsed by the pollster - ipso fatso they are “push polls”.

At one time the stock market put the “capital” in capitalism, now it serves as more of a slot machine in what has become Wall Street’s giant casino. And like every other gambling establishment it attracts more than its share of shady characters looking to manipulate, control and benefit from all the gaming and gambling.

Accordingly, sudden stock market sell-offs resulting in huge drops are intended to rattle and  “push” the President, Congress or the Fed in a direction preferred by Big Banking.  Charles Payne explains:

Just one more aspect of modern life that once meant something and now, meh. If you have money invested in the stock market for your kids’/grandkids’ college fund or your retirement rest assured that your meager holdings are simply temporary collateral damage. Don’t flinch. What with all the new automated market tools at their disposal the movers and shakers find it quite easy to get the market to perform badly for awhile. If we’re lucky equilibrium will eventually return, surprisingly quickly when the Wall Street push poll maggots get their message across and accomplish their intended purpose (e.g. “we hate tariffs!).
I’m Maxine Waters and I can’t even pretend to understand this message let alone endorse it.
 ‘Peach Fowty-Fi!