Thursday, June 27, 2019

Charlatans Take Center Stage: Part I

I did not watch any part of the Democratic debate last night although I see that many of you did.

I gather from the outtakes this morning that there wasn’t much there there. Spartacus was upset that Beto Boy began speaking in tongues before he thought to do so. De Blasio and Warren were the first to step up and lie about being willing to give up their generous healthcare insurance plans in exchange for enhanced Obamacare plan, and most of them support the decriminalization of “border crossing” i.e. sneaking into the country illegally.

Image result for decriminalize border crossingAs we know, there’s no such thing as an illegal person

Throw in free college tuition to keep the massive Big Education Bubble going and it seems we can’t lose with any of these candidates. Literally.

Image result for trump wins 2020

The only noteworthy assessment of the candidates came from Scott Adams (h/t Francinepink):

“Brown Trump,” I sort of like that.

Image result for amy klobuchar

Unfortunately the PC police will not allow us to translate that to a “Brown Woman Bad” meme as it’s both a racial slur AND cultural appropriation.

Since SrDem promised to deliver a Cliff Notes version of the debate today I leave you to commiserate among yourselves about the fate of the first 10 Dem candidates among yourselves.  For my part, I have to drive Raj to an early PT appointment and I’ve somehow managed to come down with a nasty summer cold that refuses to move along. So I honestly don’t have enough energy left this week to care much  about any of these charlatans.