Saturday, June 29, 2019

If the NPC Meme Didn’t Exist We’d Have To Invent It

I can think of nothing that captures the essence of last week’s Democratic debate participants better than the NPC meme:  a stage full of preprogrammed “non-player characters” in a video game who are only allowed to interact through a limited number of responses and catchphrases.  Still, a handful of the NPCs managed to make themselves stand out in the crowd.

Che de Blasio and Perpetually-Peeved-Pocahontas on Wednesday night:

And on Thursday, Rainbow (“did I mention I was gay?) Pete,  Joey, Forever Angry Bernie and  Kamala “I’m-Black-Like-Obama” Harris brought their game faces.

Everyone else served as interchangeable automatons programmed to move the game forward. So stay mindful of the Democrats’ end game, they intend to fundamentally transform America into a socialist paradise. It’s a virtual reality game. And they cheat.