Thursday, June 20, 2019

Now Get Out There and Scorch Some Earth

Wagons, circle. In the wake of AOC’s latest stupid comment, in which she conflates detention of immigrants seeking to enter our country illegally with the Nazi extermination of Jews, we get Democrats ‘splaining it away:

“Don’t feign outrage at the language that people use to describe this tragedy,” says Senator Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii

“One of the lessons from the Holocaust is ‘Never Again’ – not only to mass murder, but also to the dehumanization of people, violations of basic rights, and assaults on our common morality. We fail to learn that lesson when we don’t callout such inhumanity right in front of us.” Jerry Nadler, D-NY

While House Speaker Pelosi went them both one better, she blamed Republicans for AOC's arrogantly ignorant comment, saying:

“while the Right has no interest in holding the President accountable for his words they will misrepresent anything you say just if you have one word in the sentence that they can exploit...”

It’s the oldest game in town, but imagine the outrage if any Republican uttered a comment even approaching such ignorant insensitivity to the Nazi genocide. The ballistic scale doesn’t register that high.

Imagine if Republicans were handed the “just say anything, we’ve got your back” card for just one day - or for just one press briefing…

And don’t blame me, you have Gerard to thank for this. He’s the one who dug up this delightful oldie but still so very goodie.

So grab another cup of covfefe and get out there and scorch some earth.

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