Sunday, July 7, 2019

All Communist Organizations Are the Same

I am certainly not surprised that Antifa issued guidelines to the media for their (always) violent “demonstration” in D.C. yesterday.

Nor am I surprised to learn that the group has “media liaisons” – what grass roots group doesn’t? Likewise, not surprised that they so glibly expect the media to follow their “guidelines,” they’ve been playing for the same team since Antifa’s inception. And I do love the “media who refuse to comply…will be removed” flourish. By whose authority? I won’t ask how, we’ve seen that part.

Image result for antifa violent protests andy ngo portland d.c.Andy Ngo after being “removed” from Portland Antifa “permitted protest area”

Still, expecting journalists to “ensure that you have explicit consent before capturing auto recordings or directly quoting interviewees” seems a bit of an overreach. I mean, we are talking about a public protest, presumably people come to these events to have their voices heard. And if you’re “interviewing” somebody haven’t they already implicitly consented?  Is there any way these people can make themselves sound stupider?

What does surprise me a bit is that they expect media members to maintain their “journalistic integrity if your raw footage, unpublished photos or notes are sought through a subpoena.” First of all what journalistic integrity?

What a quaint thought; that slipped away around the same time “journalistic neutrality” did. But even assuming such a thing does exist, how exactly does Antifa’s “media liaison” think that a journalist's sacred promise to protect the identity of a confidential source applies here? Do they honestly expect journalists to go to the mat, or more specifically, jail, to protect a bunch of nameless, faceless thugs? Good luck with that. They’re journOlists, not martyrs.

And perhaps they are unaware of the 1972 Supreme Court Ruling that a journalist had no right to refuse testimony where he or she had witnessed criminal activity. But hey, it’s worth a try: normally an emission from hive headquarters results in all the good little Borgs falling in line and finding their way home.

borg-2The Borg

All communist organizations are the same.