Tuesday, July 9, 2019

If You Can’t Solve It, Celebrate It

Congress can’t find a way forward to address our illegal immigration problem because they don’t want to. That would be like shutting off the NPC voter spigot.

When you can’t even see your way clear to ask people if they are citizens on an official Census form – a concept that might have been considered not only non-controversial but essential as recently as 2 decades ago – you certainly won’t be able to solve the illegal entry problem on the southern border.

Maybe after Attorney General Bill Barr resolves the Census gridlock issue he can help Congress find a way to resolve illegal immigration too.

If all else fails maybe we could follow this guy’s idea on how to address a problem: if you can’t solve it, celebrate it’s birthday.

The pothole was fixed a few days later. Maybe we should try the same stunt with the border, only it’s not months, it’s years.

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Happy Day-of-the-Dead Birthday Open Border!