Sunday, September 29, 2019

Someone Has To Honk

Since yesterday was dedicated to the dogs it seems only fair to dedicate today’s post to the cats. Unlike the dogs, I got no help from the cats. Like your computer they’re unreliable that way.

I’ll finish when I feel like it, Karen.

And they seem a bit more ambivalent to autumn’s beauty.

Image result for autumn cat funny  Sure, it’s lovely…

Related imageBut do you think you could rake these up Karen? It’s making it hard for me to creep up on the chipmunks.

Nor are they particularly fond of fall rain.

Related imageAnother rainy day, guess I’ll have to find something to play with inside.

 Okay, maybe playing in that box of snow wasn’t the best idea,

Image result for cats in snow funnybut it’s still better than the real thing.

I guess I’ll just be driving from now till next spring if I need to go somewhere.

Related image

Besides, the world really needs me behind the wheel.