Saturday, September 28, 2019

Dogs Can Reaffirm Your Faith In Humanity, Something Many Humans Can’t Do

The world is going to the dogs. Maybe they are more worthy.

Instead of whining about it all the time they welcome climate change with open paws,

and embrace it with reckless abandon

while waiting patiently for the next climate change to happen.

Never once do they yip at you about your carbon footprint

Image result for dogs and people footprints

or snarl “how dare you!” at you. They think if you are responsible for this climate change thing you must be a god.

And if they do get a little preachy they’re really just lobbying for extra portions…of beef.

So I dedicate this first official Saturday of autumn to all the dogs: the doggies you love, have loved and will ever love. Where would we be without them?

Image result for all dogs are therapy dogs

P.S. If MichellenotThatone is around she might share the results of Clover’s DNA test during halftime. I understand it was a bit surprising.