Thursday, September 5, 2019

Throwback Thursday, Evil Twin Edition

For Throwback Thursday I thought we’d do a little cool midcentury jazz, the iconic theme song from NBC’s 1958 Peter Gunn series.

You probably remember it, Craig Stevens played a suave, debonair private eye. From Wiki:

Peter Gunn is a sophisticate with expensive tastes…Gunn has a reputation for integrity and being among the best investigators; He has many reliable informants and is extremely well-connected. His reputation is so good, the police occasionally ask him for help or advice.

Wow! What a sterling character! No wonder James Comey channeled him as he went about crafting his own equally fictitious reputation. Either that or they are twin sons of different mothers.

I think we can all agree on which one is the evil twin.

I’m attending a funeral today across state so do behave.