Friday, September 6, 2019

Who Wouldn’t Vote For That?

On Wednesday CNN assembled the largest group on record of people suffering from delusions of adequacy.

Image result for democrat 7 hour climate change town hall

Each demonstrated at length their unique facility for expressing this dangerous form of mediocrity. 

Congratulations, 7 hours dedicated to the Democrats’ plan to tax, regulate, ban and confiscate all things fossil fuel and/or carbon related - gas and oil companies, cars, planes, meat and plastic straws - in the interest of something called “environmental justice.” And nearly every one of the candidates declared their willingness to use totalitarian means to implement their plans.

Well done. And I understand Ms.NBC is holding another 2 day Climate Change Townhall on September 20-21 to further elaborate on their plans for de-carbonizing America by fiat.

I think this is Mother Nature’s way of illustrating the “climate change” that’s currently taking place in the Democratic Party:

A shelf cloud rolling in over Rehoboth Beach last month gets sucked up into the updraft of another storm. The organized shelf cloud falls apart leaving the disorganized, but noisy, thunderstorm to dump on everyone at the beach, spoiling their holiday and leaving a mess behind. 

Who wouldn’t vote for that?