Friday, October 11, 2019

At Least We’re Not Cuba!

A traffic sign on Monticello Road in Napa notifies people of the PG&E power shut-off Wednesday.Power shutoff instituted by PG&E because potential "Diablo" winds might bring down their transmission lines and trigger catastrophic fires.

I’m so old that I remember when the prime responsibility of your state’s Public Service Commission was ensuring the public utilities under their jurisdiction were physically and financially capable of delivering the services they were chartered to provide.  Accordingly, the PSC role was to balance citizens' need for reliable services and reasonable rates with the need for utilities to earn a reasonable return on investment.

When both sides of this contract begin to operate outside the parameters of their respective charters, i.e. the utility fails to provide basic maintenance services to maintain the integrity of transmission lines and the PSC to verify they have done so…

Image result for public service electric company tree clearancePublic Utility budget line item: tree clearing of lines

and instead begin to pursue and promote a “green energy” agenda, this is what happens:

More than a million people in California were without electricity Wednesday as the state’s largest utility pulled the plug to prevent a repeat of the past two years when windblown power lines sparked deadly wildfires that destroyed thousands of homes. – AP

But goodness, don’t you love it when liberal worlds collide?

A Tesla charging station for electric vehicles is taped off along Devlin Road during the PG&E power shut-off in Napa.A Tesla charging station for electric vehicles is taped off along Devlin Road during the PG&E power shut-off in Napa. – SFChronicle

Who here thought they’d ever agree with Gavin Newsome? I know, but when he’s right he’s right: “California governor says broad power shutdown to prevent fires 'unacceptable.' Ya think?

You know how your liberal friends and relatives like to chide you by asking “what does ‘make America great again’ even mean?”? Now you have an easy answer…it means not operating like a third world nation where the streets are awash in human filth and the lights are unreliable. In other words, it means not being California.

Image result for cuban streetsAt least we’re not Cuba!