Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Pork Fat Rules!

This will most likely be the best news you’ll hear all week: “Pork Fat is Officially One of the World’s Most Nutritious Foods.”

Scientists analyzed over 1,000 raw foods to rank how nutritious they are, and they discovered that pork fat is up there with the likes of chia seeds, almonds and beet greens.

“Pork fat was given the nutritional score of 73. It bested other healthy food items like squash, salmon, and walnuts.”

And it’s far and away tastier. The study producing these surprising nutritional results was originally conducted in 2015 but just like other information the establishment doesn’t like, it was suppressed until recently when it fell into the hands of an unauthorized source. They published a list of the top 100 nutritious foods.

Here are the top ten:

1. Almonds, 97
2. Cherimoya (a type of fruit), 96
3. Ocean perch (a deep-water fish), 89
4. Flatfish, 88
5. Chia seeds, 85
6. Pumpkin seeds, 84
7. Swiss chard, 78
8. Pork fat, 73
9. Beet greens, 70
10. Snapper, 69

To be clear, #8 can be found in fatty cuts of the animal like bacon, short ribs and pork belly… 

Image result for bacon, pork belly and short ribsPork belly burnt ends

but we are essentially talking about…lard.

That’s right, good old fashioned lard.

Related image

The fat that “experts” for decades have been telling us to avoid like the plague. The fat that makes the best biscuits,

Image result for food made with lard

pie crusts

Image result for pies made with lard crust

(don’t throw the scraps away, they make nutritious snacks)

FlakesJam-filled tarts made with leftover lard pastry

and Mexican delights.

Image result for mexican food made with lardCarnitas, cooked in lard, in crunchy taco shells, cooked in lard. Probably served with refried beans, made with lard.

This is all so inspiring I think I’ll gather some nutritious ingredients together this weekend and make some delicious donuts fried in this healthful fat.

EXACTLY how to make homemade doughnuts! Easier than you think. Step by step pictures and recipe on sallysbakingaddiction.com

Or maybe I’ll go whole hog and bake the most nutritious dish on earth - a glorious pork pie!

Image result for pork pie

However you decide to get your pig on, even if it’s only by watching your favorite team hauling the pigskin up and down the field, do celebrate the liberation of lard in all it’s glory. Your grandma/mom had it right all along, do not let any of that healthy bacon fat go to waste.

Now get out there and bacon-up: winter’s coming and we all need to be as strong as possible.

Image result for bacon fat in coffee cans

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