Friday, April 10, 2020

Good Friday: Remote Viewing Only

The days all blur together into a monotonous similarity now that life’s pre-COVID 19 routines are gone. What day it is barely matters and yet here it is Friday again. Wasn’t it Friday just a day or two ago?

I am firmly in Attorney General Barr’s corner: End 'draconian' lockdown by May 1.

We can't 'just tell people to go home and hide under the bed'.

The attorney general said he trusts the American people to adhere to social- distancing guidelines on their own.

This unconstitutional lockdown has brought out the tyrant in every two-bit tin-horned politburo chief across the country. In Utah we remain in lockdown until May 1st under order of the *expletive deleted* County Health Director, more familiar with issuing sewer orders and restaurant violations than lockdown orders, but perfectly happy to do all of the above.

Michigan on the other hand is subject to Governor Grunhilda’s lockdown order which she extended yesterday through May 1st. She further ordered her subjects – with very limited exceptions – to quite literally stay home: they’re no longer able to jump in the car — or go across the street — to visit friends and relatives inside the state, or to go to their cottage Up North. If you think these officials (some not even elected in the case of our Health Director) don’t enjoy exercising such power over you, you would be wrong. Very wrong.

Remember: for every would-be dictator there are at least a hundred more.

So bring it AG Barr: I for one am growing very weary of this tyranny and am appalled at how easily and completely Americans have become compliant; agreeing to shut down our economy and surrender their liberty to a pandemic. I don’t care if it is conspiracy of grand scale or simply the result of people from top to bottom succumbing to fear, it is un-American…and unconstitutional.

Petition · End unconstitutional, mandatory lockdown due to COVID ...Not just my opinion

And with that you are now free to go about your usual Good Friday observances – as long as you do so alone, in your home and don’t even think about entering an actual church. You might wish to reflect on that as well.

Good Friday Service | Rev.D.Mohan | 2nd Service | 10th April 2020 ...Remote viewing only this year