Sunday, April 5, 2020

News From Planet Wobegon

It’s Palm Sunday.  Who needs a break?

I thought so. These times are not conducive to much of anything. I mean seriously, my major accomplishment yesterday was perfecting Instant Pot popcorn. I followed the directions to the letter but added 2 tablespoons of melted butter to the huge bowlful it produced, as well as an extra half teaspoon of Flavocol, sprinkled from on high. There was still a small bowl left this morning that I ate with my first cup of coffee so it’s all gone.

Raj made something a bit less ethereal - homemade kielbasa.  We’ve discovered kielbasa is the perfect “garlic sausage” to include in an authentic cassolette which we are now rather committed to making. In Michigan you can reliably find a good fresh, not smoked, Polish sausage just about anywhere. Here, nobody has ever heard of it. So we were on our own. Raj used a recipe he’s made before; it’s from an old Detroit cookbook.

He used the meat grinder attachment on the Kitchenaid – Blonde Gator would be proud of him – rather than the processor.

It’s also easy to find sausage casings in Detroit, our neighborhood Italian market carries them. Here, especially in the Time of Coronavirus, I wouldn’t know where to start looking so we’re going to make hand formed patties or links today. This batch has paprika in it as I had forgotten that “if you add paprika to polish kielbasa you turn it into Hungarian sausage” until it was too late. Hence the added note, in the event we are forced to make our own again. Don’t worry though, “Hungarian sausage” is also very garlicy and good.

Today there is a winter’s worth of leaves-half-turned-to-mulch on the patio that need to dealt with, along with the making of the cassoulet, so it should be a fairly productive day here in our post-apocalyptic times bunker.

About 3# of Polish-Hungarian garlic sausage

And that’s about all the news this week from Planet Woebegone where all the women are strong, the men are all wrong and the children are all A students.