Sunday, April 19, 2020

The World Doesn’t Need Any More Gumbys

Michigan’s Governor Grunhilda (GG) is taunting her subjects with the hint of a temporary, teeny-weeny reprieve. If citizen moral improves, she might just grant some of her plebeians short shore leaves. Some people think she’s a real blockhead.

Advice for the Newly Married…What Not to Say | Lucy van pelt ...

But yikes! I have another issue with the good Governor. We really need to talk fashion. Remember our cat from yesterday’s post? Of course you do. 

“Some girls can work the black and white look, others, meh.”

Well GG’s frock looks like it came from the same dye lot.

Am I right? Of course I am, I’m a professional; I can spot these things.

And here’s another bit of unsolicited but desperately needed advice for the Gov: snakeskin is not the best sartorial statement for politicians or lawyers – and GG is both. And while I’m at it – and because nobody else seems to be on the case – here’s another fashion tip for GG: square faced women ought not wear their hair pulled straight back or parted down the middle. Especially if they have an abnormally high forehead. Side parts and/or long bangs tend to de-emphasize that “blockhead” look.

I guess I’ve been in quarantine too long as I seem to be regressing to my former incarnation as Lady M’s Mirror – a persona which was roundly criticized for being a mean girl. But look around people: what could this world use more of right now, mean girls or blockheads? NJ Croce Gumby Blockheads G & J Bendable Figure Pair ...

Frankly I think we’ve got altogether more Gumbys than we need.