Saturday, April 25, 2020

What We Are Really Afraid Of

“ A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” Edward R. Murrow

I was listening to a local radio show yesterday and heard our local county Health Czar had announced that “we can’t have large gatherings again until we develop herd immunity or a vaccine is developed” And by his expert *cough* opinion, that could take up to two years. “Better safe than sorry,” “An abundance of caution” above all else, right?

I still cannot believe how we’ve allowed ourselves to be marched to the economic slaughterhouse with nary a peep. It’s so…un-American! We’re supposed to be the home of the brave, the land of free. Does this current situation look like either?

The trailing of the sheep, Sun Valley, Idaho - Mike Endminster photography

This American Spectator article, ‘Flattening the Curve"’ and Other Lies,  pretty much covers the waterfront on the follies to date conducted by the wolves amongst us. This is the wrap-up, read the whole thing.

The “new normal” means we can go back to work when you tell us, and we can live our lives how you dictate we can. And why?

Because we don’t want a “second wave” of the outbreak.

Wait, why would we have a second wave? Because not everybody got the virus in the first wave. And until everybody has more or less had it you can’t get to “herd immunity,” which is how these viruses are defeated…

So why wouldn’t we want to just get this over with and protect the people most vulnerable to the virus? Because that would be irresponsible, right? You have to — how does it go? — “test, trace, isolate” before you can let people do what they want. You might even need to give people “immunity papers” proving they’re safe to be around before you’ll let them go to work at their “non-essential” jobs or eat at a restaurant.

We promise we won’t notice none of that was in the initial justification for forcing us to stay home. We wouldn’t suspect you guys of bad faith for having bait-and-switched us like that. Because we know that if we did notice, and we did express dissatisfaction, we would be descended upon by our betters at the Big Tech companies, who are doing us a big favor by censoring “misinformation” about the virus like for example people questioning the WHO or noting the virus likely came out of a Chinese bioweapons lab. Or we’ll get arrested because protesting is “non-essential.” Or maybe we’ll just be griped at by the hordes of busybody Karens across the country who call us “selfish” for wondering whether this wasn’t all just a too-costly overreaction.

I don’t ascribe to the theory that the Wuhan Cooties pandemic was a One World Order conspiracy but can anyone blame us in retrospect for thinking that the Democrats’ “never let a crisis go to waste’ strategy is being been driven by a variation on the Cloward-Piven plan of complete societal upheaval in order to implement their vision of America?

Be very, very wary from this point forward; for once a system is overwhelmed the organism is in danger of dying. That is what we’re really afraid of.