Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Worst Part of the Chinese Wuhan Cootie Plague So Far

As Ed Driscoll points out, the Chicom terrorists have won. And, he asks, Is This Really the Sort of Hellish Dystopia You Want to Live In? COVID-19 Delays Release of New Emojis.

Can you even imagine? A year without a single new emoji? Life has lost all meaning, or as commenter tu3031 put it: “unemployed Seattle sex workers, tranny's that can't get their surgeries, ignored feminists, fatphobia, no new emojis...how much can one nation be expected to take!”

It’s not quite as bleak as it sounded at first though, as there are some new emojis already in the pipeline that can be released this fall:

Some new emojis that were part of Unicode's 13.0 standard will be released this fall, including the transgender flag and a gender-neutral Santa Claus.

Thank goodness! We needn’t weather this plague without benefit of an emoji that can embed gay pride right into our texts.

️‍⚧️ Transgender Flag Emoji on Facebook 3.1Available with either a pink or blue background

I am curious to see how they will appropriate an old, cisgendered white guy into something the woke culture can embrace. Thumbnail

Oh wait, here it is:

Shoot. I was certain it would look a bit more like Bernie Sanders in drag.

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