Sunday, June 21, 2020

Next, They Came For The “Colinizers”

The mob mentality that has been on display for the past month culminated last week with the execution of statues across America. In one night alone San Francisco mobs managed to de-platform (literally) 3 statues and deface many more. First came President Ulysses S. Grant – who fought for the Union but married into a family that owned slaves before he fought to free the slaves. 

Protesters tear down statues of Union general Ulysses S. Grant ...

For the record, Michelle Obama also married into a family that once owned slaves.

Next, the statue of “Star Spangled Banner” author Francis Scott Key – slave owner, so no wonder we all need to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem.

View image on TwitterAll that’s left of Francis Scott Key in Golden Gate Park

“Kill All colinizers” – really? Too bad that’s what they’re teaching kids these ‘daze’ instead of spelling.

Also in Golden Gate Park the statue of Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes was defaced for the crime – I’m guessing here – of being an exponent of the Spanish (colinizers) culture.

Then came the statue of Catholic saint Father Junipero Serra, which was both vandalized and de-platformed for the sin of converting (colinizer) Native Americans to Roman Catholicism. Too bad he wasn’t a proponent of the religion of peace instead.

Fr. Serra, before and after

The Left’s march to madness is so highly predictable: first you abolish the crime, then you abolish I.C.E., then you abolish bail…pretty soon you’re arguing to abolish the police. None of this is hard to call; the progression of the cancel culture from Confederate flags to Confederate statues to…statues of the country founders.

And President Trump called it, years ago: 

When Donald Trump wondered whether it would be “George Washington next week” and “Thomas Jefferson the week after,” he was treated to haughty and dismissive dispatches in the mainstream press explaining why these Founders were more than just their proximity to slavery. These were valuable missives, but Trump wasn’t the right audience. They should have been directed at the activists who have taken their campus-based maximalism with them into the workforce.

The failure on the part of polite liberal opinion makers to anticipate this attack on America’s foundations is a failure of imagination and an act of hubris. They assumed they spoke for the mob when it was the mob that spoke for them.Commentary

Pamplin Media Group - George Washington among toppled, removed ...Statue of George Washington toppled in Portland OR last week

The mob is committed to bringing all of us ‘colinizers’ to our knees in recognition of our white privilege.

Ah well, Happy Father’s Day to the Father of the country anyway, as well as all good fathers everywhere.