Sunday, June 28, 2020

Wolf Light

Entre chien et loup’ - literally ‘between dog and wolf’ – translates to ‘wolf-light,’  the time of day when the familiar becomes wild; twilight, dusk, the gloaming

You are, as you’ve been a thousand times before, someplace familiar and yet nothing seems recognizable. Just light and shadow, playing against each other.

Study after: George Inness - In the Gloaming (Detail 2)

Slowly, from the shadows, edges begin to appear.

Color seeps out.

Shapes emerge.

And the scene reveals itself as it is, at that particular point in time.

Study after: George Inness - In the Gloaming by M Francis McCarthy - 8x10 Oil on Wood Panel

In the Gloaming George Inness, 1893

No need to despair. We are in the gloaming and though it will soon be night just as certainly the dawn will follow. By the light of day things lost to the twilight will be clearly seen.