Monday, July 27, 2020

P.S. Masks Don’t Work

Hmmm, I wonder what could possibly be going on in Oregon with respect to this spike in COVID cases?


And Washington?


Don’t you dare suggest that the spread is due to peaceful protests and riots. They’re all wearing masks.

Wall of Moms' Shields Portland Rioters From Federal Officers - The ...Just look at that masked up Wall of Mothers

Once you brush all the superfluous details away what strikes me most about the  current spate of riots/not riots occurring in our cities is the fact that our police are behaving just like Europe’s gendarmes have been for years – almost decades -  now.

France Will Ban `Risky' Protests After Champs-Elysees Riots ...

Which is to say they’re just there to make sure the fires don’t get too big.  If they were allowed to do anything truly effective the riots would have stopped years ago. America: don’t be like Europe. We’re better than that…if we actually follow our Constitution.


P.S. Two things: 1. If we can reopen for rioting we can reopen for commerce, and 2. Masks don’t work.