Friday, July 31, 2020

Sum Are Dim and Others Are Dimmi-er

With so many players in contention for this week’s Pernicious Prevarication Award, Senator Diane Feinstein still ran away from the competition with this contribution:

"We hold China as a potential trading partner, as a country that has pulled tens of millions of people out of poverty in a short period of time, and as a country growing into a respectable nation amongst other nations. I deeply believe that," Feinstein said during a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting.Washington Free Beacon

Well sure, as long as you accept the premise that a “respectable nation” behaves thusly:

Bloody Harvest—How Everyone Ignored the Crime of the Century ...

  • Censors what data their citizens can see on the Internet (whoops! we might be guilty on that count too)
  • Denies their citizens freedom of speech (again, whoops!)
  • Denies their citizens freedom of religion (this is getting embarrassing)
  • Conducts forced sterilizations/abortions
  • Sends enemies of the State to re-education camps
  • Reneges on significant International agreements such as the 1984 Sino-British Declaratio which guaranteed autonomy for the former British colony of Hong Kong through 2047.

The Uyghurs living in captivity under the control of the Chinese Communist Party, as well as the residents of Hong Kong begging to keep their democracy might beg to differ with Ms. Senator Feinstein’s characterization of the country being a “respectable nation.” If they were allowed to voice their opinions at all, which of course they aren’t. 

Although I can see why Senator Feinstein might think China a damn fine country: after all it did make her and her husband “respectfully” wealthy – which automatically qualifies her for our annual Marie Antoinette Award as well.

Bastille Day Recipes French Revolution -

My disdain for these elites grows more trenchant with each passing day. I wonder if this is how the French Revolution started?

I think I’ll just go eat some moon cakes…

Mooncakes and More! Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival! - Little ...and dim sum.

Because you all know how I love the dim sums

286 Best Joe Biden is a Liar & a Moron images in 2020 | Joe biden ...Sum are dim and others are dimmi-er.

And wait for the revolution.