Monday, January 11, 2021

It’s Not Censorship…

Good old Glenn, one of the few standing classic liberals, pointing out the dangers of the New Left:

And giving everyone on both sides reason to at least give pause to think about what they’re up to:

Which left people everywhere scratching their heads and musing:  “Let me see, what do you call it again? You know when corporate and state authoritarianism merge in order to form a more perfect union? Wasn’t there  an Italian guy that had a name for it:

See the source imageOh, right – fascism! Wait, what?!!? I thought ‘Orange Man bad’…WTF?

And every. single. Democrat. is OK with this because…they’re “private companies.”


Except of course in Democrat/Social Justice World the Christian bakery would have to bake the cake if they had their way, which they seem determined to do. Not to mention that you’ll never find “bakeries” listed under monopolistic business with significant barriers to entry.

First they came for your Twitter and Facebook accounts and they said: “It’s not censorship, you can create your own app.”

See the source image

Then they came for your Google and Apple apps and they said: “It’s not censorship, create your own website.”


And then they came for your Amazon web hosting: “It’s not censorship, create your own...”

Create your own what? Internet? Country?

And remember kids: it’s not censorship…when the Democrats do it.