Friday, January 15, 2021

We’re All Terrorists Now

Here we are wrapping up another week of no kraken. There was just a slight trickle of true facts that managed to slip under the MainStream KultureKlub’s lockdown and blockade.



Facts such as this.

Catherine Herridge, formerly of Fox News and more recently with CBS News, reports investigators think those pipebombs found at the RNC and DNC on January 6 may have been intended to divert law enforcement away from the Capitol itself at a crucial moment. That would also suggest somebody with a command and control structure for the planned riot.

Herridge also notes that the crucial window for understanding the timeline of January 6 events is between 12:45 and 1:15, before President Donald Trump finished his speech to the gathered protestors. If that is true, and there are abundant reasons to think it is, then it’s difficult to ascribe to Trump responsibility for inciting the riot. - Instapundit

Of course that won’t matter much as there won’t be widespread media circulation of such facts as they propagate the same old all-the-free-speech-we-see-fit-to-print version of truth. They will of course be aided and abetted by the ruling elite, like this woman who still holds the title of the-dumbest-bartender-in-America:

AOC jan 21AOC Wants a Gov't Commission to 'Rein in' Media to Prevent 'Disinformation'

What could go wrong?

aoc people of mob

“You either defend ALL the people or you protect that mob. It’s really not that complicated.”

Screen Capture #902 mini aoc sandwich

Of course that’s not all that difficult to do – seem smarter than a ham sandwich I mean. Stephen Kruiser’s take:

As is typical with one of these AOC deep thought sessions, the first ridiculous thing she says is rarely the most ridiculous. She has an inexhaustible supply of inanity and likes to build during an interview or speech. Her whopper yesterday was suggesting that the government get involved with reining in “our media environment so that you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation.”

Of course, when a commie says “disinformation and misinformation” she means any truth that’s countering the disinformation and misinformation narrative she’s peddling.

The creep factor of her casual state-run media suggestion is off the charts.

I intend to find something productive to do with my time today and I would suggest you all do the same. Otherwise the terrorists win. Oh wait! I forgot, that’s us.