Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Taco and Tamale Tuesday: No Comas la Cáscara

Wow, it’s such a big news day I don’t know where to start.

Shall we discuss the the Super-Pink-Moon that’s not really pink?

The Risen Moon, 1926, Frederick Judd WaughThe Risen Moon, 1926, Frederick Judd Waugh

Or Super- Taco-and-Tamale-Tuesday?

Spanglish carne asada tacosCarne Asada Tacos from Spanglish

Or perhaps Super-Unbelievable-Headlines from around the Web:

Sort of makes you wonder where all those people who supposably voted for Joey and Kami are hiding out…aside from the obvious.

cemetery graveyard-fresh-white-snowdrop-galanthus

I think I’ll stick with Taco and Tamale Tuesday – that’s a lot simpler.

tamales spanglish

Although not as simple as it once was.  *sigh*

No comas la cáscara!