Saturday, May 1, 2021

I’m Really Sorry That Train Has Left The Station

It takes a special brain to lose it’s train of thought at an Amtrak station.

And Joey’s got one of those special brains. In case you missed it, here’s an exact transcript:

“When I was Vice President with Barack, he allowed me to put together a budget for Amtrak and it had money for high-speed rail at 200 MPH, from…Charlotte, another line going from…in Florida, down to Tampa, another line — if we had moved…we’d have that tunnel fixed in New York now.”

Needless to say, that was a complete train wreck, and there’s no light to be seen at the end of the tunnel in New York.

biden trainHurry up Joey, the train’s leaving the station and you’re not on it.

Can you even imagine being one of Joey’s designated handlers these days?

joeybHello? White House? It’s Joe. How do I get off this train?

How long can they maintain this charade you ask? Well, they’ve been running a variation on this scam for decades now, so who knows? But it didn’t help that Joey himself let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, last week when he told reporters he’d “get in trouble” if he answered any more (unrehearsed, unscripted) questions.

Kind of makes you wonder if maybe we didn’t “accidentally” get on the wrong train doesn’t it?

trump train roaring 20s

Until we can figure out how to get things back on track it might be best to cancel all the trains until further notice.

over-the-tracks-of-a-model-train-and-caption-that-read-all-train-are-delayed-until-further-noticeHappy Caturday