Monday, May 3, 2021

Giddy-up Space Cowgirl


The Victory Girls skewer the VP - Kamala Gets Another Job She Won’t Do – describing yet another “top level responsibility” relegated to this very self-important woman-of-powerful-means.

Space, the final frontier. Kamala Harris has been granted another job in addition to her handling of the border crisis. Even though she won’t venture to the border, Kamala is going to get us to Mars, apparently. Over the weekend, it was announced she will chair the National Space Council.

In the world of pseudo-responsibilities this is a big deal. In reality it means nothing as Sarah Hoyt noted, Kamala just doesn’t do work:

“Her idea of life is to get new clothes and pose as a celebrity.”

In fairness that’s actually a fairly good description of the entire elite left: Barry of the perfectly creased trousers, Joey of the trendy fitted little boy suits, Madame Pelosi of the designer finery and Madame Vice President in her Armani suit and pearls. They’re all better suited to Hollywood than Washington, but why settle for fame and fortune when you can have all that and power too.

Thus, the boundaries between the two illusionary worlds have blurred to the point where there’s quite often more drama in D.C. than there is in Tinsel Town. And Washington is proud to boast of being home to all the very worst actors.


Giddy-up Space Cowgirl

kamala-harris-national-space-council-01-sh-llr-210501_1619895117984_hpMain_16x9_992WASS (We. Are. So. Screwed.)