Thursday, May 6, 2021

No, YOU Shut Up!

The current cultural miasma we find ourselves in might lead you to ask “where did we go wrong?” To which I reply “what do you mean ‘we’ Kemosabe?


It certainly wasn’t us who determined language had to evolve to the point of meaninglessness in order to accommodate the sensitivities of the loonies amongst us.


Nor was it us who determined that our elections needed to be “fortified” to ensure victory to the cabal.

time fortified election“Saved” – I don’t think that word means what you think it means, Time

The simple term “rigged” was so old school, and had so many negative connotations.

Time has published an explainer piece offering a fascinating insight into how the presidential election was won. It’s titled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election.”

The fascinating part is what it tells us about the brazenness of the left in general and the corrupt, mendacious MSM in particular: they are now heavy-hinting that they cheated but want you to know that it’s all OK because they were doing it to not to destroy democracy but to preserve and enhance it.

fortified election2

Do you see what they just did there?

The Democrats (and their sympathisers) didn’t rig the election. They just fortified it by taking care to ensure the right guy won rather than the wrong guy won, regardless of what those pesky voters might misguidedly have wanted.

The next thing you know the same cabal will be normalizing this type of “election” forevermore, whereas it’s for the “good of the people” and therefore perfectly justifiable.

This is where we are headed now with the”‘stolen” election. Columnists who blithely assured us that the election was above board may now begin to finesse their position.

“OK, so maybe it was rigged,” they will start to concede. ‘But isn’t that always the case with elections? And anyway it’s a done deal now.”

So if you’re still wondering how we got here wonder no more. We arrived by caving to the demands of the cabal who took it upon themselves to set the new standards, define all the terms and tell you the appropriate way to think, act…and vote. For the longest time all they required was for you to just SHUT UP!

shut up

Don’t do that.

comply flag shirt

Simply refuse to do that.