Monday, June 28, 2021

A Little Civility, Please

Good morning and happy mutt-day to all.

churchill dog

Today I am asking all of you to read or re-read my Blog Rules which have been thoughtfully posted at the top of the blog’s righthand column since the Obama Occupation.

They have not been retracted, rescinded, overruled by any judicial body nor have they been arbitrarily changed by fiat or executive order. They have not been invalidated by a fraudulent vote and they have not been removed by a truck in the middle of the night.  They’ve simply been somewhat ignored as I’ve been lax in surveillance and enforcement because while I don’t mind providing daily commentary, I don’t like having to play Sheriff.

jaacee the sheriff's dogThis is Jacee, the sheriff, doing the work most Americans are unwilling to do

And some of you have been lax in following the rules -  which is just rude.

dog sticking tongue outThat - that right there is rude!

The crudeness and personal sniping that has crept into many of the comment threads has started to annoy MOTUS, you can tell she’s annoyed when she speaks of herself in the third person. Trust me, you will not like MOTUS when she is annoyed.

wolf-dog tank

The rules have not been updated since I established them and hence they still reference certain organizations, functionaries and petty dictators associated with characters who theoretically relinquished their titles/offices as of 2017.  I will perhaps update them at a future date to include current references, but said dated references in no way negate the rules. They were and still are perfectly clear. I direct your attention specifically to Rules III – V:


Commenting is appreciated and encouraged, as is disagreement; butt as this is a wholly owned subsidiary of MOTUS Inc.™ and in no way owned, subsidized or authorized by the U.S. Government, your first amendment rights do not apply here. If you don’t like it, take it up with Eric Holder.


Accordingly: trolls may be zapped without due notice. Unduly profane, racist or pornographic commentary or imagery may be deleted by staff (me) or management (me again). Please note however that “staff” and “management” may not always see offensive items immediately as “they” may be goofing off doing other things. Life is short and MOTUS cannot live on resistance alone.


In case of disputes over what constitutes profane, racist or pornographic speech and imagery, the final arbiter of good taste and decency will be the sitting Secretary of Promiscuity and Propaganda (also me). All complaints should be forwarded to Organizing for Action. Just tell them “you’re in” and they’ll take care of everything for a small donation.

No specific incident or post has initiated this reminder. I’ve just become uncomfortable with the increasingly crude way thoughts are tossed about in the comment thread, sometimes at other commenters sometimes just in general frustration. It reminds me too much of the incremental demise and subsequent collapse of standards in the culture at large. I can’t do much about that but here, in my little fiefdom, I can. So here’s the deal: I know you want to cuss, everybody wants to cuss these days. Somedays I personally use every cuss word in the book. But I would like to maintain a tiny corner of civility on my blog if for no other reason than to remind us  how the world used to be. Accordingly I would appreciate it if you would all attempt to do the same: be civil to those whose opinions you disagree with or simply ignore them; when the need to curse overwhelms you please use the polite convention of filling in the letters of the bad words with asterisks or other characters of your choosing – or borrow Jettie’s “fek off.” For the record, I don’t consider “hell” “ass” or “damn” real cuss words – you know what sort of “commentary” I am talking about.

Example of non-cuss invective:mountain which looks like a dog“You’re a lying dog faced pony soldier!”

So please, disagree with each other all you like but keep the commentary safe-for-work, and avoid hurling unnecessarily colorful invective at other MOTI.  If you really don’t like somebody’s viewpoint you can block them from your comment stream.

I have no intention of monitoring comments as made, as noted above I have to desire to do that and I generally don’t have time to either, most certainly not on a real time basis. However when I do see unnecessary and unwarranted crudeness and vulgarity I will delete your comment because…see Rule III above. I’m not going to serve as a hall monitor but I will be keeping an eye on things.

bull dog praying mantis eye on you

Because some of you guys don’t seem to be able to follow the rulz.

dyslexic dog on couch

Just don’t make me come down there. You won’t like me if I have to come down there.


All I’m asking for is a little civility, like we all used to enjoy.

cat dog hug

Back when the world was a better place.