Friday, July 2, 2021

It All Looks Quite Shady

I forgot that today is FLOTUS Friday, and what with Dr. Jilly hitting the Vogue cover (photography by none other than the legendary Lefty Annie Liebowitz!) my little math story will have to wait another day.

I didn’t bother to read the article until the Jerusalem Post took time out of their busy day to mock America’s fawning media coverage of the FLOTUS: Why did ‘Vogue’ call Dr. Jill Biden a ‘goddess in stilettos?’

jills goddess feetThe real reason God created hosiery

I would say Dr. Jilly looks more like an aging school marm than a goddess given these feet, legs and hands but what do I know compared to America’s leading fashion rag mag. Aided and abetted by some of the world’s largest, most expensive fashion houses – not that the media is interested in that aspect of FLOTUS fashion now that we have a reasonable Democrat in office again – Dr. Jilly certainly turns heads these days.


From the Dolce and Gabbana collection: dots and flowers and stripes, left, butterflies are free to fly, right, and zebras and lemons, below.1233601101

And more lemons and florals from Oscar de la Renta.

oscar de la renta

Then there’s this lady-like pink ensemble from Lele Sadoughi.

Dr-Jill-Biden-Wears-Lele-SadoughiToo bad it didn’t fit

But allow The Jerusalem Post to describe Vogue’s obsequious coverage:

As if the title of its cover story – “A First Lady for All of Us: On the Road with Dr. Jill Biden” – wasn’t sufficiently sycophantic, its accompanying content reads like a parody of a totalitarian regime’s propaganda sheet.

Those observing the current Orwellian climate in the United States no longer gasp at each new move by “progressives” to control society’s collective mind, but some take occasional breaks from tearing their hair out to laugh at the more egregious examples…Not that he was trying to be funny. On the contrary, he was clearly proud of praising Jill Biden, in all seriousness, for the “several degrees” that earned her the “title [of doctor] that she has every right to.”

To stress that she’s not just a teacher in girlie garb, he said that during her many trips around the country, “the role she’s fulfilling is, in many ways, neither first lady nor professor but a key player in her husband’s administration, a West Wing surrogate and policy advocate.”

fishnetsThe perfect “West Wing surrogate and policy advocate” outfit

…Yes, he wrote, “Joe Biden is boring – and that’s not a complaint.”

Of Dr. Jill, on the other hand, he said, “You generally hear her before you see her because she is often laughing. She is, quite simply, a joy multiplier.” [ed. – “joy multiplier” is no doubt part of the new Common Core math, of which we’ll explore a bit more tomorrow.]

THE SACCHARINE language doesn’t end there. “Part of what makes the Bidens’ right-out-of-the-gate successes so extraordinary is that they seem to have perfectly read the room,” he asserted. “We have been through this enormous, collective trauma, and here’s a calm, experienced, empathetic president, and here’s a first lady who is driven, tireless, effortlessly popular, but also someone who reminds us of ourselves.

queen Elizabeth eek

She’s selling a new vision for how our most fundamental institutions ought to work – infrastructure, education, public health – even as she goes to extraordinary lengths to keep a real-world job, to stay in touch with what makes her human and what matters most.”

Whatever it is she’s selling I’d suggest you not buy it; not from her or anyone else shoveling it.

a raybans

It all looks quite shady.