Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Haters Gonna Hate

Channeling Trump…there are definitely worse looks: Ron DeSantis Cheered Like a Rockstar at Massive Concert With Pointed Shot at Fauci.

Masks were optional at the event that, in addition to DeSantis, featured headliners Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brad Paisley and Luke Bryan.

When DeSantis was announced, he was greeted with raucous cheers, from what looked like a largely young audience. That should especially worry the Democrats.

Judging by the reply tweets from libs I think it’s fair to say that fear and self-loathing are still alive and well in the Florida heat:

fl gov covid3

“Ignoring Covid-19?” Never in the history of pathogens has a virus been less ignored. I think what Mrs. Pink means is when are you going to stop ignoring those of us who like being locked down for our own good?

Screen Capture #1025

This is my personal favorite as it demonstrates the best of a liberal education, from grammar to logic:

fl gov covid

The stray reply pointing out the left’s hypocrisy - 

gov fl covid4

was countered by a barrage of tweets pointing out…but, but, but: they were all wearing masks!

Were it not for the likes of a few Governor DeSantis I would weep for the future of this country.


Keep the faith, baby; we are going to Make America Great Again™ - even if the left seems committed to the opposite, by hook

fauci air quotes

or by crook

joe biden shoots



trump it's not me they're after it's you.

*This post was brought to you by the committee to reelect the rightful President and the committee to remind you who they really hate.