Sunday, June 6, 2021

I Must Go Now, My Covfefe Needs Me

“I am a simple man who would just like to eat laminated pastry and sip a cappuccino outside in the sun.”

coffee croissant2

You must admit, last week was fairly crappy and to cap it off my coffee maker bit the dust yesterday somewhere around my 3rd cup.  Now this was not a coffee maker that you can just run over to Kohl's or BB&B and replace, or even order on Amazon for 2nd day delivery – unless you wish to pay full price, which you do not as it is prohibitive. No, in order to replace my Saeco ground-to-order-cup-at-a-time brewer that makes perfect regular, expresso and cappuccino for less than a third of it’s ridiculous price you have to find a reconditioned one online. Which may take awhile.

saeco coffee machineI doubt they even make this model any longer but she’s a beauty

Fortunately Raj lives in mortal fear of having his favorite things no longer available so he ordered a spare one several years ago when he spotted a reconditioned one from the Seattle Coffee Company. So it’s been stashed away awaiting our hour of need which arrived yesterday morning. We were able to confirm the old one to be completely kaput and get the new one up and running again in a bit less than an hour and a half (it takes awhile for your new coffee maker to get to know you properly).

And now Sunday morning can now proceed peacefully. If we hurry we can enjoy coffee on the deck as it’s currently sunny and just 72 degrees. I don’t have any “laminated” pastry but I do have bagels fresh from the Detroit Bagel Company and cream cheese which will do just fine.

bagels cream cheese

By noon it will be in the 90s so this may well be my last chance to be outdoors for the day, so I bid you adieu and wish you and your morning coffee a good day – whether enjoyed in the sun or under coffee-colored skies.

coffee colored skies

I must go now as my covfefe needs me.