Thursday, July 22, 2021

Ashli Babbitt Didn’t Kill Herself

Happening in Congress this week:

  • Pelosi puts the finishing touches on her January 6th “insurrection” kangaroo court.
  • Biden’s nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, David “Chippy” Chipman, works his way through Congress, as well as the cable news and comedy channels (often the same). Most recently he made his case for the appointment by mocking gun owners, comparing them to “Tiger King” and zombie doomsday preppers.

Chippy sounds as lucid and discreet as the lunatic who nominated him, they should make a great team. Not that it’s likely Chippy will make it through the Senate confirmation process, but it sure does highlight how prescient our founding fathers were in establishing the Second Amendment.

my zombie prepper starter kit

And in case there’s any doubt, allow me to remind you of the only pertinent fact regarding the January 6th demonstration at the capital:

ashli babbitt didn't kill herself somebody else did that for her

And I think we all know who that “somebody” was.

no-free-man-shall-ever-be-debarred-the-use-of-arms tyrannyThomas Jefferson Papers, pg. 334, 1950 ed.