Friday, July 23, 2021

Joebberish™ - We Need a Vaccine For That

Joebberish™ at it’s best:

The best part is watching people defend Joey’s performance art as “just a stutter,”  “hardly an impressive oratory, but it is not serious cognitive impairment either,” “I think the odd momentary show of forgetfulness of context is ordinary” (it is, in assisted living facilities). Although this was my personal favorite comments  “He’s 10x sharper than Trump and on top of a ton more policy issues.”

biden You_re_OK_You_re_not_going_to_you_re_not_going_to_get_COVID_if_-a-1_1626985949671Joey, being on top of policies

Delusion is strong in the Camp of the Trunalimunumaprzure. Nice to see a few continue to de-camp.

glenn greenwald misinformation

Living in the real world is dangerous and scary, but not as dangerous and scary as staying in Joebberville.

However FLOTUS Friday must continue so here is Dr. Jilly deplaning, properly muzzled, in Toyko for the games.

jill55What a set of gams on our FLOTUS! Note: Band-Aid gone, boo-boo remains.

But look, if you’re going to wear red, you should really be on Red Team.

Melania-Trump-999183.jpg red suit





It just seems more natural that way.

Now get out there people, and try not to stutter. You wouldn’t want people to think you had Trunalimunumaprzure. Although I understand they’re working on a vaccine for that.