Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Get In Line

I missed Mutt Day due to the 4th of July part deux. To make up for that oversight I’ve decided to add another animal to the must-celebrate list; thus I hereby pronounce that Taco Tuesday shall henceforth serve as Chinchilla Day as well.

Since chinchillas are so darned cute it does beg the question:

Are chinchillas even real

“Are chinchillas even real?”

Technically yes, they are rodents native to the Andes mountains of South America. They appear to be a cross between a rat, ground squirrels and rabbits.


They purportedly make good pets…but unfortunately like all cute things south of the border one must be vigilant as they can also be quite destructive if left to their own devices. Also, like all rodents, they can replicate surprisingly quickly -  to the point you might find yourself with more than you expected, or know what to do with.

Also, please note, they come in many different shades.

Four different chinchillas in different positions a blue box

But beware of the white ones – they’re privileged.


And likely to cause more trouble by virtue of this fact.

So if you must have a chinchilla, might I suggest a coat?


No, of course not; that would be offensive. And insensitive. Perhaps we should just leave the chinchillas to fend for themselves right where they are. Until such time as they are able to fill out an immigration form and get in line.

chinchilla lineup

Does that make me a privileged racist? (rhetorical)