Tuesday, July 13, 2021

In Which The Dems Practice The Anti-Hobgoblin Principle

Just making sure I’ve got this straight:

People in Cuba are risking imprisonment, and worse, for demonstrating against a Communist regime and demanding freedom and democracy in their elections.


Meanwhile, in Texas, duly elected representatives - who are required to show up for the jobs they ran for and were elected to do - boarded a privately chartered jet…


and jovially headed to Washington D.C


in order to avoid a quorum for the vote on a Texas election bill that would – horrors! - ban drive-thru and 24 hour voting options and restrict the state’s voting-by-mail rules. They say that such restrictions would be discriminatory against black, brown and voters of many other colors. It’s worse than an absence of Kinkos.

Interesting to note that Democratic Senators in D.C. are busy attempting to eliminate the (legal, by Senate rules) filibuster – to prevent the minority GOP from stopping a vote on a federal democrat election bill. Democrats are great practitioners of the anti-hobgoblin principle.

iphone_processed_675_Common-Ground-GoblinConsistency Is The Hobgoblin of Little Minds

It must me nice to belong to a party whose rules always allow you to win and the other side lose – oh wait - that’s exactly how communism works!

So thanks Texas Dems, for showing us how you think democracy is supposed to work:

“We are determined to kill this bill,” said state Rep. Chris Turner, who said he and his colleagues were prepared to run out the clock (in Washington D.C.) on a special session that ends early next month.

Which is to say, ignore the will of the duly elected majority in favor of the flamboyant and noisy tyranny of the minority. So sorry Cuba, but the Dems think you already live in a socialist paradise. So deal with it.

cuba paradiseFunny, if this were in Minneapolis instead of Havana Dems would be burning cities to the ground in protest