Friday, July 16, 2021

There’s No Cause For A Llama

Doug Ross runs a Top 20 Tweets from BadBlue Tonight feature: last night this came in at #16.

It turns out the photo is actually from the Tour de France a few years ago but since it got retweeted it qualifies and I think it deserves a much higher ranking than 16, based solely on the responses it engendered.

While many observed that “Llamas in the Fog” would make an exceptionally fine band name others were inspired to set the event to music: 

tour de france llamas in the fog.4jpg

Some figured it was just another athlete-taking-a-knee thing:

tour de france llamas in the fog.6jpg

While still others just had fun with word games:

tour de france llamas in the fog.5jpg

tour de france llamas in the fog3

And while there appeared to be the usual confusion between the two South American pack animals:

alpacas v. llamas

my favorite responses to this tweet-out-of-time all involved biblical references:

alpacalyse now llamageddon later2

Which of course brings to mind this most classic reference from Revelations 6:8.


I understand the race proceeded after a brief delay and there was no cause for a llama. 

So everyone calm down and get back to your TGIF mode.