Thursday, July 29, 2021

Throwback Thursday, Mask Edition

Throwback Thursday rolls around again.

sports drink of America's worst generation

And in honor of the day, the idiots running our country have decided it’s time to throwback to the mask. Once again, based on the most dubious science since the Global Warming cult and Flat Earth Society were formed, they want America to mask up again. They are going to mandate yet another year of children-of the-mask; yet another year in which children see no facial features, get no facial clues from each other or their teachers. We are training our children to be autistic.

To all this nonsense I offer the antidote: become a Refusenik,

american refusenik mask“I will not comply”

for all the reasons outlined by this wise Canadian:

It is not science any longer, it is nothing more than organized propaganda, augmented by the blocking of anyone or anything that doesn’t support the state-sponsored religion. Is there ANYTHING less American?

rights don't end where your fear begins sign

Yet here we are, Biden’s America, where science is nothing more than organized propaganda. Spread by media, social media and useful idiots in a mindless onslaught of repetitive drivel.

propaganda spread on twitter nobody cuts them off

I just left the ER too, where communism is running rampant and is MUCH more transmissible than the original viral strain. The only vaccine is freedom and we seem to be running low. America is on life support.