Saturday, July 31, 2021

It Will Only Be Worse When You Wake Up

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I would like to stop talking about COVID-19, but the establishment is doing its best to make it impossible to just go about enjoying the summer.

soft serveSummer: it can only be enjoyed for a brief time

With the constant ginning up of purportedly “scientific” studies along with the constant hawking of attendant bad science and the repression of information about effective treatments for “the deadly virus”  they’ve managed to keep the majority of the populace in thrall by continually promising more “freedom” maƱana for compliance today. There seems to be no dearth of lost souls willing to do so.

As of late though there is – finally -  a growing backlash. As a few more porch lights start going on perhaps there will be a growing swarm of individuals who have grown sick and tired of the crap they’re being fed round the clock. I remain encouraged by the eye-opening of some influential leftists: Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi - who penned this article for the New York Post: From ‘Yes we can’ to ‘No, you moron’: Dems have selves to blame for vaccine hesitancy. 

I’m vaccinated. I think people should be vaccinated. But this latest moral mania — and make no mistake about it, the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” p.r. campaign is the latest in a ceaseless series of such manias, dating back to late 2016 — lays bare everything that’s abhorrent and nonsensical in modern American politics, beginning with the no-longer-disguised aristocratic mien of the Washington consensus.

Now this new vaccine debate has been amped to 11. The universal consensus of the “Powerhouse Roundtable” types is that it’s time to start opening the cans of whoop-ass on the vaccine-hesitant, yanking services and civil liberties from those murderous holdouts who are, the president tells us, “killing people.” They do this acting like the public doesn’t remember the messaging from the Biden-Harris campaign last year, which was talked about at the time as being irresponsible precisely because it set a precedent of urging the public to distrust the vaccine.

The article describes how the elite first establish state-sponsored dependence and then use that dependence to cudgel you into doing what they want you to do. From Margaret Hoover we hear this:

“If you’re going to get government-provided health care, if you’re getting VA treatment, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, anything — and Social Security obviously isn’t health care — you should be getting the vaccine. OK? Because we are going to have to take care of you on the back end.”

And from Obama henchman Rahm Emanuel we get this “amen, sister:”

“You know, I’m having an out-of-body experience, because I agree with you,” said Barack Obama’s former hatchet man [Rahm Emanuel], before adding, over the chyron, FRUSTRATION MOUNTS WITH UNVACCINATED AMERICANS:

“I would close the space in. Meaning if you want to participate in X or Y activity, you gotta show you’re vaccinated. So it becomes a reward-punishment-type system, and you make your own calculation.”

And that my friends is a classic example of what tyranny is, how tyrants think, and how they make their tyranny work.

My advice: if you find yourself in an awkward situation do not just lie down and go to sleep because it will only be worse when you wake up.

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